Welcome to Idypides Foundation!

Idypides Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization based in Fort Myers, Florida. We are dedicated to making real and meaningful differences in our community for a better future.

Our team of practical-minded personalities helps change the society with a superior power - the power that comes from continuous efforts and hard work.

Idypides foundation, Inc.

We Inspire Young People

Our Mission: Our mission is simple. We are committed to making a difference by educating young people to recognize who they are by engaging in conversations about themselves, society, and the world they live in.

Who You Are & Why You Are

Young people are the torch-bearers of a better tomorrow. Therefore, we reach out to them and encourage them to look at themselves with a new set of eyes. Our team assists youngsters in painting a more realistic and clearer picture of themselves by helping them find ‘who they are’.

Getting an idea of ‘who they are’ enables them to understand the meaning of life and ‘why they are’ here in this world. This helps them get a deeper understanding individually, societally, and globally.

Idypides foundation, Inc.

Our discussions and support resonate with our core motto - the essence of your spirituality is the God quality that resides in you.